The legal landscape in which we live our daily lives, operate our businesses, encounter challenges, and plan for the future, is complex and constantly evolving. The team of attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals at Overstreet, Homar & Kuker help businesses and individuals successfully navigate these difficult waters. While we have a wide array of real world, hands-on experience in many areas of law, we strive to communicate with our clients in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. We use common sense to assist our clients on a personal level, and work with them in a simple and direct way – no matter how complicated or nuanced their situation might be.

The attorneys at Overstreet, Homar & Kuker have a collective 65 years experience helping clients successfully resolve their legal problems, plan for their futures, and tackle all of today’s challenges. Whether a Fortune 500 energy company, a school district, a rural rancher, a physician group, a contractor, small business, new business, entrepreneur, or family in need of estate planning; Overstreet, Homar & Kuker is here to make sure our clients are well taken care of – both today and down the road.



Business Law & Litigation

In an increasingly litigious environment, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Overstreet, Homar & Kuker prides itself on working with clients from the organization of their business through any legal matter, no matter how simple or how complicated, to ensure their interests are protected. Our philosophy at Overstreet, Homar & Kuker, is that by working closely with each of our business clients to know their business and the associated legal issues, we can work to minimize risk from the outset.

Our business clients include individuals starting their first business, to companies working through complex construction contracts as they expand. We serve as local counsel to companies re-locating their businesses to Wyoming, and help family businesses such as ranches plan for the future and expand their holdings and rights.


Overstreet, Homar & Kuker represents all the various types of entities involved in construction contracts, property owners, sub-contractors, material suppliers and general contractors. Our experience includes both contracting and dispute resolution on projects large and small from the homeowner to major capitol construction projects.


The attorneys and paralegals at Overstreet, Homar & Kuker regularly go to trial to litigate all types of disputes. Regardless the size of the case, we enjoy serving our clients throughout Wyoming by bringing our expertise to the courtroom.

From the initial client meeting in our offices, or electronic conferences via Skype for our out-of-state clients, to filing the Complaint or Answer, to conducting depositions and discovery, through either a jury or bench trial, we zealously advocate for businesses and individuals when formal litigation becomes necessary.


Our attorneys represent both injured parties and businesses in lawsuits and negotiations related to personal injuries. We also serve as local counsel for out-of-state law firms who need local assistance in Wyoming. From auto or truck accidents to intentional torts and workplace injuries, Overstreet, Homar & Kuker can aggressively advocate on your behalf. Many of our attorneys are members of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association and network extensively with our colleagues throughout the state to make sure the right results are garnered for our clients.


Overstreet, Homar & Kuker has experience with a wide variety of real estate issues. We successfully negotiate on behalf of our clients and guide them through the nuances of the purchase and sale of real property, representing developers, real estate agents and home-buyers.

The firm also handles the litigation of real estate cases concerning land use issues, zoning and variance. We have represented lenders, developers, municipalities, realtors, buyers and sellers.

Our work has included negotiating easements, creating easements, extinguishing easements, municipal and county land use issues, petitions to the County Commissioners for private roads, complying with subdivision statutes, fencing disputes, enforcement of covenants, and public land issues.

The firm has successfully handled landlord/tenant issues representing landlords and negotiating commercial and residential leases as well as due diligence preparation for ranch purchases, installment land contracts, state land issues and filing/defense of liens against real property.


Overstreet, Homar & Kuker works with school districts, including Boards of Trustees and Administration, to face the challenges and solve the problems encountered in busy school districts throughout Wyoming. This includes issues such as expulsions, IDEA matters, human resources management, internal governance and policy making, and services as General Legal Counsel.


Dealing with tax problems and assessments from state revenue agencies and the IRS can be a challenging endeavor, and it requires a great deal of specialized skill and knowledge. John M. Kuker and the attorney of Overstreet, Homar & Kuker have negotiated and litigated against the State of Wyoming, State of Colorado, and the IRS on behalf of numerous businesses and individuals on everything from multi-million dollar ad valorem mineral tax issues to sales tax matters and income tax disputes. They have experience in front of the Wyoming State Board of Equalization, the U.S. Tax Court, the Wyoming Supreme Court, and other tax-related appeals tribunals and can assist you in whatever your tax dispute may be.


When it comes to planning out the future, Overstreet, Homar & Kuker recognizes the importance of effective and professional estate planning. Employing the right instruments such as living wills and trusts ahead of time will result in smooth transitions later. We are prepared to handle various levels of estate planning, from small to larger estates. Our attorney’s possess a high level of experience and knowledge to assist our clients through the nuances of planning, distribution and minor care.

Our team of attorneys is also experienced in the administration of an estate, whether through probate, or utilizing the various non-probate distribution options. This complicated process will be met with the highest level of knowledge, commitment and compassion as we guide you through the required processes during this sensitive time.

Further, we are happy to assist with revisions to your wills and trust documents as needs dictate.