Overstreet, Homar & Kuker - Business Law and Litigation  

Business Law and Litigation

In an increasingly litigious environment, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Overstreet, Homar & Kuker prides itself on working with clients from the organization of their business through any legal matter, no matter how simple or how complicated, to ensure their interests are protected. Our philosophy at Overstreet, Homar & Kuker, is that by working closely with each of our business clients to know their business and the associated legal issues, we can work to minimize risk from the outset.

Our business clients include individuals starting their first business, to companies working through complex construction contracts as they expand. We serve as local counsel to companies re-locating their businesses to Wyoming, and help family businesses such as ranches plan for the future and expand their holdings and rights.

Business Organization

Business Organization, Formation and Filings- Overstreet, Homar & Kuker advises a variety of entities in the legal organization of their entity. Our work ranges from the most basic Limited Liability Company, to complex non-profit filings. We have experience with numerous types of entity set ups, and our team of lawyers’ experience will ensure you have the right entity established to meet your business needs and goals.

Registered Agency

Overstreet, Homar & Kuker can serve as your locally registered agent in Wyoming.

Real Estate Transactions

The team of attorneys at Overstreet, Homar & Kuker have a breadth of experience in matters regarding the sale and exchange of real estate and real property. We have facilitated transactions both large and small from inception to closing.

We successfully negotiate on behalf of our clients and guide them through the nuances of the purchase and sale of real property, representing developers, real estate agents and home-buyers.

The firm also handles the litigation of real estate cases concerning land use issues, zoning, covenants and variance. We have represented lenders, developers, municipalities, realtors, buyers and sellers in various real estate matters.

Our work has included negotiating easements, creating easements, extinguishing easements, municipal and county land use issues, petitions to the County Commissioners for private roads, and complying with subdivision statutes.

The firm has successfully handled landlord/tenant issues representing landlords and negotiating commercial and residential leases as well as due diligence preparation for ranch purchases, installment land contracts, state land issues and filing/defense of liens against real property.

Contractual Matters

Overstreet, Homar & Kuker has served as counsel for both property owners and contractors in complex transactions. We have served as the agent for Physicians and Physicians Groups in contract negotiations, and have reviewed a variety of employment contracts, both as the employer’s counsel and the potential employee’s counsel.

Employment Law

The firm, Overstreet, Homar & Kuker, has an extensive background working with employers in defending Worker’s Compensation cases, advising clients on various aspects of employment law, and developing and reviewing employment contracts for our clients.

Business Dissolution

In the unfortunate event that a business entity requires dissolution, our team of attorneys can call on their various experiences in resolving issues such as: equitable disbursements, intellectual property ownership, real estate divisions, sale of one or more parts of the business entity, and other issues that arise as a business relationship ends. We have experience in negotiating debt with financial institutions.  Our experience with Alternate Dispute Resolution can be brought to bear on even the most difficult separations.